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Press Release Outsourcing

Press Broadcast
is a professional press release outsourcing agency, publishing the press releases of Fortune 500 companies, small & medium size businesses, all levels of government as well as non-profit organizations all over the world.

Press is a professional press release outsourcing agency.

The careful writing, the exact wording and the publishing of any press release can have a direct impact on the image of your company. Many businesses today don't have a press release writer or a person that has the experience on how to write a compelling press release that will have a positive effect on members of the press, clients and even suppliers.

Additionally, if you happen to be a public company, the exact wording used in a press release will either have a detrimental effect, or could be viewed as very positive news. Wall Street is constantly on the lookout for good press releases all the time.

Press is a press release outsourcing agency that is entirely based on the Web, providing and publishing press releases for businesses in any field.

Press Broadcast has partnered with Rank for $ales, a well-known and respected professional search engine optimization company, in business since 1997. PR experts all recognize that a properly optimized press release will go a long way in further broadcasting your message to the search engines and the news media.

Offering the full-range of turnkey services to any size business or marketing agency, Press currently handles about 50 press releases on any given day. Press will even upload your press release to our servers. Additionally, all our press release plans include six months of hosting on our powerful Linux servers. Our professionally-written press releases start at a low $ 169 all inclusive. We suggest you bookmark this website by clicking here.

Press Broadcast
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